Can I cancel my reservation for a Tour, how many days in advance you need for a cancellation without charging me any fee?

Yes you can cancel your Tour provided that you inform us with e-mail or a phone call 48 hours prior to our arrangement. see terms & conditions


How many pieces of luggage I can have with me with out the need to hire a second vehicle?

You can contact us so that we can find the best vehicle to cover your needs


Can I change the number of persons I bring with me in a Tour?

Yes but bear in mind that for more than 4 persons a VAN type of vehicle will be used. if you prefer a VAN type of vehicle for your Tour you have to tell us in advance. We will accept up to 8 persons in the VAN type of vehicle.


I arrive at the airport with more luggage than I thought I will have with me. What do I do? 

Well we will help if you can call the moment you arrive at the airport on our telephone lines or the mobile phone number so we can sent either a VAN type of vehicle or a second car, bear in mind again that if you are travelling alone there is a luggage restriction per person from the airlines and also on the weight that your luggage have, don’t forget also all the security checks and be prepared, you can get more info about luggage restrictions from your airlines web site. SO TRAVEL LIGHT AND ENJOY YOUR STAY IN GREECE.


How much is the deposit for a Tour or a Transfer Booking?

The amount is ⅓ of the total price of your Tour booking, for the Transfers we require full payment, see options below.


How do you charge the deposit.

There are two ways of taking a deposit for your Tour or full payment for your Transfer, one is via Credit Card of your choice , or you can deposit the amount to our bank account. Please do call on +30 210 5623 660 or +30 693 2671 387 or +30 697 242 8806 for more options if you have difficulty using any of the 2 options above.


Thank you and we wish you a safe and pleasurable journey.