Argolis one Day Tour (10½ hours)





Half day tour:

Departure at 08.00 am/arrival at 15.00 p.m. Places to visit: the channel of Corinth, Mycenae (includes tour), Nafplion


Full day tour:

Departure at 08.00 am/arrival at 19.00 pm visits Sites: Corinth Canal, ancient Corinth, Acrocorinth, Mycenae (through Nemea), Nafplio, Epidavros.


We start our trip heading to the Peloponnese (Western Greece). Our first stop is at the KORINTHOS: one of the oldest cities-State, Corinth is located in the Prefecture of Corinth. There you will find major area attractions such as the Ancient City of Corinth. In the plain of Corinth in height 575 metres Akrokorinthos. A rock which at the  foot of built the ancient Corinth and the castle of Acropolis. Also the Temple of Apollo, the Museum environment of Lake Stymfalia, ruins of ancient theater, part of the Roman Conservatory and many more. In ancient Corinth had inhabitants since 5000 b.c. and was fertile area. The Isthmus of Corinth was an important commercial part and was one of the richest cities of the ancient world. Today the Isthmus of Corinth linking the Central Greece with the Peloponnese by a narrow strip of land. The Canal created joins the Saronic to the Corinthian Gulf.  Leaving Corinth continue for MYCENAE: one of the biggest and most important ancient monuments, Mycenae. Mycenae is located near the mountain of Tritoy across from the argolic Gulf in the Northeast Peloponnese and constitutes one of the largest centers of culture. Important monuments of Mycenae is the lion's Gate, the famous Royal Tholos tombs of Klitemnistras and Agamemnon, the treasure of Atreus and around the archaeological site of Mycenae. In the Museum you will find many historical findings. Finishing our tour of Mycenae we continue our journey to the NAFPLIO: Contemporary capital of the Prefecture of Argolida Nafplion is the most beautiful city in Greece. With a long history and heroism and culture, Nafplion one of the most popular destinations. It was the first capital of Greece in 1829 until 1834. It has one of the most important ports in Greece and is considered a place of cosmopolitan and picturesque. Famous monuments of Nafplion is bourtzi, a small fortress built on an islet in the port and the imposing Castle-fortress of Palamidi Castle built in 1687 by Venetians and has a height of 216 meters and feature of the old entry point with the 999 steps which have access until today. Ultimate destination of our trip is the EPIDAVROS: Epidaurus houses the most important launch of ancient and world culture. New Epidaurus in the modern world is the ancient Epidaurus ancient theater of the famous ancient theatre of Epidaurus, the sanctuary of Asclepius and the Temple of Apollo Maleatas. Also important point is considered the small ancient theatre of Epidaurus dedicated to the God Dionysus and was built in the 4th century BC. . The Kazarma fortress and the castle of Epidaurus along with archaeological museum are also important places to visit. The departure of Argolida ends with return to Athens or the port.



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