Delphi one day Tour (10 ½ hours)




full day Delphi tour:


Departure from Athens or the port at 08.00 am. /arrival at 19.00 pm Sites visit: Livadia, Distomo, Arachova, and Delphi.


Starting our journey from Athens heading north to our first stop, LIVADIA: H Livadia lies in Central Greece, in the Prefecture of Viotia where capital and Metropolis. Important point of the tour is Lake Copais Lake that shares its name with the eponymous Valley. The name comes from the ancient city of Copia in antiquity was called Kifisida because this was the Cephissus. Continuing our tour in Central Greece reach the historic village of Distomo. There during the second world war was 648 civilian massacre by German forces. Then we'll go to the village that would meet the Steiri Monastery of Luke, a Private building dedicated in Public Luke the Steiriwti and rumored as a world heritage site by UNESCO and important monument of Middle-Byzantine period. Built in ancient Steirida under the Acropolis on the western foothills of Helicon, a tall mountain with an altitude of 1748 metres. Continuing South on the slopes of Parnassus, will visit the mountain and cosmopolitan Arachova which is a popular winter resort with scenic and historic buildings. The last historical tour will travel to our last destination, FROM DELPHI: another world heritage by the UNESCO, Delphi in fokida prefecture were in antiquity a holy place and the first Oracle of the world. The city of Delphi was dedicated to the deity of Gaia and Lord of the sacred was the God Apollo. In the modern city of Delphi kept the site hosting the Oracle and the ancient Stadium in the city. Also the Museum of Delphi is considered one of the most important museums of Greece as it contains important findings from the Oracle. Delphi was inscribed as the navel of the Earth and utter a journey filled with history and culture. Several of the monuments that have survived over the years is the Temple of Apollo built in Doric pace 510 BC with scenes of Apollo built on facades. The ancient theatre of Delphi that is included in the sanctuary of Apollo, the Holy path, a path that served the movement inside the Temples and the altar of Chiwn. Also the sacred way was a main road for those loyal chorus and wanted an Oracle or sacrifice to any God. Finally one of the most beautiful monuments of Delphi is considered the dome of Athena welfare.  Feature circular monument built in 380 BC until today the role of the monument remains unknown because reports of the ancients are not clear.